Pet Zen Travel Treats are a delicious, all natural CBD oil based pet treat to help reduce stress and anxiety for a calming travel experience All natural CBD treats for your traveling pet Organic calming
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A few words about us

Ease the stress of pet travel

for every member of your family

“Relocating pets over 100 million miles worldwide since 2009 has led us to design a safe, high-quality all-natural pet treat to specifically ease the stress your pets feel associated with travel”


Time to travel

Before Travel

Start your pets early, feed yummy Pet Zen Travel Treats a few days before travel to ensure they enjoy the full comforting benefits.

Bon Voyage

Day of Travel

Your day of travel has finally arrived. Treat your pet to a stronger dose of yummy CBD treats and be sure to pack one in their suitcase to snack on during transit. This will provide comfort and ease nervousness during travel.

Designed for Travel

Affordable Sizes

We’ve created our packing specifically for your pet’s travel trip in an affordable size for everyone. Don’t worry our smaller packages do not over contribute to the landfill – our bags are 100% compostable!

Why Choose Us

What makes us different

Pet Zen Travel Treats were founded from a background of expertise in helping owners move their pets from all over the globe. Our goal has always been to make this process as stress-free as possible for our customers, now we can help do the same for their pets!

We always use organic ingredients and make sure not only are our travel treats effective but also tasty, so your pets will love them.

We only ever use organic ingredients, free of chemicals, pesticides, and other undesirable toxins, providing your pets with the purest and most natural treats.

All of our treats have been specially formulated with high quality ingredients to be gentle and friendly for your pet, promoting wellness in cats and dogs.

We put the planet first, being careful to make use of Eco-friendly, biodegradable and fully compostable packaging across our entire product range to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint.