Your Pet and the Potential of CBD

Will your dog or cat benefit from a CBD treat? How can we, as pet owners, evaluate these new kinds of products?

Before answering these questions, let’s first start by giving you a little history about the cannabis industry.

Legalization and Decriminalization

It wasn’t that long ago that cannabis was largely seen as a dirty word. Up until 2012 when Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize recreational cannabis, cannabis was considered a controlled substance and completely illegal throughout the country. This was due to the phenomenon of “reefer madness”, which was a key aspect of The American War on Drugs.

Today, there is a rapidly emerging movement to legalize and decriminalize cannabis. Dispensaries are springing up all over the country in states where the use of medical and recreational cannabis is legal. This has allowed CBD products (which don’t contain any THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis) to be sold online and in stores all over America. Today, these products are extremely popular and are used to treat a variety of conditions and ailments.  

CBD Pet Needs

The most popular use for CBD among humans is for conditions such as anxiety and depression. Unsurprisingly, animals who likewise suffer from these conditions can also benefit from CBD. A dog or cat predisposed to feeling anxious or overly nervous can feel a lot calmer if given a dose of CBD as part of their health regimen.

Your pet might feel particularly anxious or stressed when it comes to travel. For example, many cats have anxiety around being put into their travel crates and some dogs may become stressed after being cooped in their travel crates for an extended period of time. Some pets may also be anxious when it comes to traveling in a vehicle. All of this can be eased a little bit with a CBD treat. 

Giving Your Pet the Best

At Pet Zen Travel Treats, our line of organic, all natural CBD travel treats can help your pet feel better if they struggle with anxiety or are easily stressed. All of our products come with a Certificate of Analysis that shows you exactly how much CBD is in our products so that you can ensure you are giving your pet a safe and trustworthy product.

Check out our website to browse our selection of delicious, pet friendly CBD products and let us help your furry friend travel with ease.

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