Tips For Preparing Your Pet For Airline Travel

Whether you are traveling for pleasure, a move, or another life event, planning to bring your pet with you can be an overwhelming prospect, especially if it involves flying. While most flights with pets are uneventful, it is always best to prepare yourself and your furry companion for the adventure ahead to ensure a stress-free and safe experience. Fortunately, there are several things you can do before you even get off the ground to make air travel with your pet as easy as possible for you both. 

Comfort Boosts Confidence

Considering how airline travel may affect your cat or dog is essential in making a plan for a stress-free experience. The more relaxed your furry companion is, the more confident you will be in their safety before, during, and after their flight. Your pet’s physical and emotional needs must be considered as you help them adjust to what the travel experience will entail. 

Physical And Mental Aspects Of Crate Training

Your pet should be physically comfortable in its travel crate. Choosing a crate appropriate for your pet is essential to its comfort aboard the plane and in transport. Too much room can create anxiety, yet a cramped environment is not healthy for your pet; the crate should be your pet’s safe space. 

Once your pet feels secure and safe in its crate at your home, you need to begin introducing other elements to crate training that will be present during travel so your pet can adjust to the different stressors that they may face during the flight. In cargo, airline personnel will be handling your crated pet. Consistently socialize your pet with strangers so that they are accustomed to being around new people and can remain safe.

Socialize Your Pet To New Experiences And Sounds

Socializing your pet around strangers is vital for their well-being during air travel, but your pet’s socialization for a stress-free travel experience doesn’t end there. Not only will your cat or dog be surrounded by strangers on their flight, but they will also be experiencing new surroundings and strange noises. 

Different sights and sounds can increase your pet’s anxiety if they are not accustomed to being in new surroundings. Familiarity with loud noises, moving carts, and various other stimulation can ease both cat’s and dogs’ stress. Safely introduce your pet to different sounds and movements so that they can more easily adjust to a stimulating environment. 

Use Calming Travel Treats

Even with the most diverse socializing efforts, your pet may become anxious during airline travel. In some cases, you may not have ample time to devote to socialization before your trip. Whether it’s disposition or merely separation anxiety, cats and dogs can become overwhelmed with the various aspects of traveling in cargo aboard planes. You can ensure your furry companion’s wellbeing by choosing all-natural, organic calming travel treats specifically developed to deliver soothing results during their journey. 

With these tips, your airline travel with your pet can be a stress-free experience. 

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