CBD: Not Just For People

Will your dog or cat love an organic CBD treat? Why do animals eat hemp, and how can we as pet owners evaluate these new kinds of products?

Let’s start with some of the overall market context and explain a bit about why people are investing in CBD stocks, buying CBD products and generally embracing the concept of various kinds of hemp supplements.

Legalization and Decriminalization

It wasn’t too long ago that cannabis was largely seen as a dirty word. Marijuana as a controlled substance was completely illegal all over the country, and many people went to jail for possessing this natural plant, even in small quantities.

The phenomenon of ‘reefer madness’ gave way to the American war on drugs, and marijuana and cannabis users were some of its victims. That led to a chilling effect on the hemp market, too. 

Now, however, there’s a rapidly emerging movement to legalize and decriminalize marijuana. Dispensaries are springing up all over the country for those with medical marijuana cards. CBD products, which don’t have the THC psychoactive component in marijuana, are now almost fully legal and seen all over America in shops.

Pet Needs

People use cannabis for things like glaucoma and anxiety and depression. Animals, however, have these kinds of maladies, too.

Your pet might have generalized anxiety or, more specifically, he or she may have targeted anxiety around the concept of travel. Many cats don’t like to get into crates or travel cages, and some dogs have a problem with being cooped up in there as well. Some are afraid of moving vehicles. It depends on the animal, and their history. Owners usually spot these fears, and see them up close. 

Giving Your Pet the Best

At Pet Zen Travel, we created a line of organic CBD products that can help your pet feel better as they struggle with any anxiety problems, either generalized or around particular events.

We know that dogs and cats have certain anxiety triggers including travel, fireworks, other animals, or loud people that they find threatening.

You can use our pet products to treat some of these issues and give your pet excellent nutrition and part of a balanced diet.

Check out our catalog and what we offer for your furry friends. 

Our certification of analysis shows you exactly what’s in these products, so that you don’t have to worry about pollutants or inferior or toxic ingredients.

It’s all part of our promise to you that we provide your pet with good health outcomes!