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How And When To Administer CBD Pet Treats When Preparing Your Pet To Travel

Travel planning can be a tedious task, especially if you take your dog or cat along with you. As a pet owner, it is perfectly normal to worry about how your dog or cat may respond to the stressors of travel, particularly if your furry friend is naturally predisposed to being anxious. To ease your worries and calm your pet’s nerves, CBD can be an effective and natural solution that can help reduce your pet’s stress while traveling.

CBD’s Calming Effect On Dogs And Cats

CBD has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats, making this natural extract an essential part of any pet owner’s travel preparation plan. Baked into treats or sold directly as a tincture, CBD safely calms nervous cats and dogs, making their travel experience safer for them while also giving you some needed peace of mind. When you plan to incorporate CBD travel treats into your pet’s travel itinerary, it is crucial to know how and when to administer them to your pet for the most effective results.

Read The CBD Pet Treat Package Carefully

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to fully understand how to give our furry companions the proper amount of supplements. While CBD pet treats are all natural and pet friendly, administering the correct amount of treats to your pet will ensure their travel goes as smoothly as possible. Quality CBD pet treats will have feeding guidelines that should be closely followed when first introducing your pet to CBD products. This said, feeding guidelines may not be applicable to all pets because each pet will process CBD a little differently. Once you know how your pet reacts to the recommended dosage, you may need to adjust the amount you give them, depending on how quickly your pet’s metabolism processes the CBD.

Trial Run

If you have not given your pet CBD products before, it is recommended to complete a trial run by giving your pet CBD treats before their actual travel date. To do this, administer the goodies to your furry friend at least one week before their journey. This will give you the ability to monitor your pet’s reaction and, if necessary, adjust your pet’s dosage. Performing a trial run allows you to ensure that your pet will respond to the CBD pet treats as intended while they travel, allowing you both to feel secure and confident on their big day.

Perfect Timing

Once you are sure that the CBD pet treats will have a positive effect on your pet and once you have determined the perfect dosage to give to your furry friend, you will need to determine when to administer their CBD treats. You can establish this timeline by noting how effective the CBD treats worked to calm your pet during the trial run. By using those observations and making any necessary adjustments, you can help to ensure that your pet remains calm and stays safe throughout their journey.